Standard Notarization – includes 1 gold foil seal and 1 signature. Only available at 222 Spadina Avenue, Suite 276.

From $53.10 (+ applicable taxes); bulk discounts available. 

House Call Notary Services – meet at your choice of location, pay the standard notarization fee plus travel surcharge.

From $75.95 (+ travel expenditures + applicable taxes)

Certified Copy of a Passport – includes sealing through every page of a standard Canadian passport or the equivalent. If only one page is required, the standard notarization fee applies.

Flat $90 (+ applicable taxes)

Drafts & Notarization Packages – includes drafting (ex. consent to travel for when a child is travelling without one or both parents, letter of invitation for the purposes of applying for a visitor’s visa, statutory declaration of common law union, etc.), 2 gold foil seals, and 2 signatures.

From $85 (+ applicable taxes)